Ensure safe and secure student transportation with GPS tracking and system generated SMS to parents

Transport Management module provides a fully automated system for managing the routes of hundreds of students travelling on their school buses daily. It enables safe and timely transportation to students from their boarding station to the school and back. It provides information about Bus Availability at a desired destination; manages new requests for transport; manages inventory of School Bus and takes care of Route Planning. Also it can send SMS to parents in case a specific bus is late en-route.

Transport Management


  • Fully automated system for managing the bus routes for efficient student transportation
  • Manage information about bus availability at desired destination, new request for transport, inventory of school bus
  • Auto-generated reminders for concern areas and pre-defined criteria
  • Route planning


  • Direct and integrated communication channel with parents
  • Ready reference for use in different student transport reports, lists and emergencies
  • Easy alert management for School Administration
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