Avoid inventory shortages and surpluses with better visibility of inventory data

All the school's consumables as well as durables can be managed through this module. Our Inventory Management comes with the facility of adding items, quantity, and information to build a comprehensive record of the inventory. With this module, issuance and return of Inventory can be easily tracked. EduManag Inventory Management Module also offers comprehensive reporting features to provide better visibility of inventory data.

Inventory Management


  • Reminders for approaching and missed order deadlines
  • Automatically generated reports which give a clear picture of the inventory status
  • Easily access and maintain all records of school inventory


  • Streamlined inventory management and comprehensive inventory reporting
  • Lower lost/wasted/stagnant inventory due to transparent and accurate inventory handling and recording
  • Better managed inventory with orders of economic order quantities and shortages and elimination of task redundancy
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