Fee & Collections

Streamline & strengthen your Fee collection process with online fee payment and automatic reminders

This is unarguably a function that has the undivided attention of the school management and parents. Thus, making this process error free and effortless is high on EduManag priority list. Not only has the module been designed to incorporate the basic elements, it has also been augment with a special feature: online fee payment. This module automates fee processing, bank reconciliation, reminders, fee collection and reporting. It allows the management to track different receipts and miscellaneous collections. Periodic reports generated by this module are sent to the management.

Fee and Collections


  • Fee processing automation
  • School fee collections and reporting automation
  • Online fee payment facility for Parents
  • Miscellaneous collections recording and management
  • Auto-generated reminders for concern areas and pre-defined milestones


  • Streamlined Fee Collection and Recording
  • All kinds of fees and recorded and reflected in one place for ready reference
  • Reduced workload and timely fee payments due to enablement of online fee payment
  • Accurate and efficient Fee processing
  • Pro-active and streamlined fee management process
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