Keep your alumni updated and engaged in school events & brand building

Alumni are the brand ambassadors of their educational institutions and managing Alumni relations is an important activity from the perspective of school branding. The Alumni Management module manages the alumnus of a school in a professional and organized manner. This module allows the alumni registered on the school's website to receive school news, job information, fund-raising information and other event updates through the Alumni dashboard. The alumni can search for their batch mates or friends and send them requests to join the alumni network.

Alumni Management


  • Alumni can register on the school's website and upon approval, receive school event updates on the alumni dashboard
  • Alumni can get in touch with other alumni at regular intervals and can plan alumni meets with school authorities
  • Track important Alumni who have influence in social and academic circles


  • Better managed Alumni Relations and Events
  • Anywhere access to alumni contact details for Alumni and School Administration
  • Direct communication channel between Alumni and School
  • Famous alumni are kept updated for involving them in brand building of the school
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